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Display and packing

As competent partner we supply solutions for your VKF actions completely from one hand. With most modern technology the different materials such as metal, wood, plastic, acrylic and glass by the combination of form and color will be adapted to your requirements for the POS.
For us a special production without individual packing is incomplete, therefore to each special production with 3i merchandising belongs a packing concept for an individual, meaningful packing to.
The packing is noticed first and is particularly important. An individual, clever packing, which supports the special production positively and is economical as well, that is our requirement to each packing.

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Special Productions

3i merchandisingYour individual merchandising items produced by specialists. Advertising special production of the complete Product range and materials to meet your requirements, with 3i inclusively innovative packing concepts.


3i merchandisingWe take care about all your needs. Manufacturing work ready to send of all kinds fast, inexpensive and reliably. Repack and/or. additional packing work and packing service.

Print and finishing service

3i merchandisingWhether printing, stick, embroider, engraving, embossing, etching, advertising mounting with fabric label, sticker etc. discreet or poster-like - creatively differentl with 3i.